The 20th Anniversary of Arthur Lawrence is a Year of Inspiration, Innovation, and Investment

The 20th Anniversary of Arthur Lawrence is a Year of Inspiration, Innovation, and Investment

Arthur Lawrence brought together its international staff, partners, and industry peers from all around the world to commemorate its two-decade-long journey as a management and technology consulting firm.

The company’s key priorities for the coming years, which include creating centers of excellence, strengthening social communities, and creating jobs, were highlighted in the company’s Vision 2030, which was unveiled by the leadership.

relationships with CodeGirls to promote Pakistani women in tech and the NED University of Engineering and Technology to support student education and the university’s R&D initiatives.

The themes of Arthur Lawrence’s anniversary year include resilience, inspiration, innovation, investment, growth, and sustainability. At a large celebration event held in Karachi, the company celebrated twenty years of offering management and technology consulting, talent acquisition, and business process management solutions.

“This accomplishment is dedicated to our outstanding team. According to Mr. Wajid Mirza, managing partner of Arthur Lawrence, “take care of your people and they’ll take care of the business.”

“We established this business on the tenet of putting people first because we believed that there was always an amazing resource hidden behind every technological progress. We are happy to report that almost all sectors of the economy are using resources from Arthur Lawrence.

Our recent record-breaking years demonstrate that we are in a great position to continue growing for a very long time. As he introduced AL’s Vision 2030, he added.

With just two employees when it was first established in 2003, Arthur Lawrence has since aggressively increased its global geographic footprint to over 800. The business now has locations in Pakistan, the Middle East, North America, and the UK. It has also received recognition as one of the top-growing businesses by Entrepreneur 360, HBJ’s Fast 100, Inc. 5000, and Global Outsourcing 100.

Despite all these commercial successes, it is imperative to highlight how Arthur Lawrence is quickly emerging as a top employer, particularly in Pakistan. The headcount of employees has increased by about 170% just in the last several years alone. The business has continued to foster an environment where employees can thrive and are trusted. With numerous employees celebrating over ten years with the company, the company’s employee retention rate today reflects that mindset. Our seasoned, knowledgeable workforce delivers thought leadership and is proof of Artur Lawrence’s commitment to and value of its employees.

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