The conclusion of Bake Me Happy, Pakistan’s First Digital Baking Show

The conclusion of Bake Me Happy, Pakistan's First Digital Baking Show

Ayesha Omar, a bulbulay star, has come to represent joy and enjoyment. It was therefore no surprise when she ignited the digital platforms with Sunridge Bake Me Happy. The first digital baking programme in Pakistan became an immediate hit, spreading joy and pleasure.

The programme provided original and simple baking recipes related to savoury and sweet everyday scenarios. Millions of social media users saw the unique entrees produced to celebrate happy situations, which helped the show become well-known.

Young folks in Pakistan who are health aware have recently taken an interest in baking. An immediate connection was made between the segment and the show’s modern quick fix dishes appropriate for life in the fast lane.

Sunridge Maida, an all-purpose flour, was a crucial component and the main attraction. The carefully chosen, hygienically produced, and enriched flour satisfies all baking requirements for consumers who care about their health, nutrition, and hygiene.

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