The girl registered Islamabad’s Trail 3 Rape Case in exchange for money.

The girl registered Islamabad's Trail 3 Rape Case in exchange for money.

The girl who falsely reported being raped near Islamabad’s hiking route 3 in the Margalla Hills has been ordered to face legal action by a district court in Islamabad.

The matter was heard by Judge Adnan Rasool of the Islamabad District and Sessions Court on Wednesday, and he accepted the accused Noman Razzaq’s request for release against a surety bond of Rs. 5,000.

In an unexpected turn of events, Sidra, the girl who made up the story about being raped, admitted to lying in a statement she gave to the court yesterday. She claimed that in exchange for payment, she had agreed to accuse the man of rape.

The girl claimed that she was getting Rs. 150,000 to see the lawsuit through and had already received a Rs. 10,000 advance.

As a result of the recent development, the court has granted the accused’s request for bail and ordered Sidra and her accomplices to be charged with submitting a fake rape complaint at Islamabad Hiking Trail 3 in Margalla Hills.

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