The third annual fundraising gala for Habib University is titled, “Religious Donations for Higher Education in Pakistan.”

The third annual fundraising gala for Habib University is titled, "Religious Donations for Higher Education in Pakistan."

The third annual fundraising gala for Habib University was a lovely and motivational evening full of kindness and hope. The event, which took place on February 18, 2023 in Houston, was aimed at giving worthy students from various socioeconomic backgrounds access to a world-class liberal arts and sciences education. In Pakistan, where higher education is inaccessible and just 9% of young people are enrolled, this mission is essential.

Giving is a fundamental component of many religions. One of Islam’s five pillars, zakat, calls for Muslims to give a percentage of their wealth to those in need. Zakat is a type of religious giving. This charitable deed is seen as a requirement for all Muslims.

The occasion highlighted the value of religious donations, especially Zakat. Dr. Reza Aslan, the keynote speaker, emphasized the value of kindness in Islam and the Islamic heritage. He underlined that one of the most important ways to assist those in need is by funding education. The president of Habib University, Mr. Wasif A. Rizvi, also spoke about the university’s dedication to accessibility and giving opportunity for highly qualified students from various backgrounds.

Since its founding in 2014, Habib University, a community-owned college, has awarded 360 students 100% scholarships through HU TOPS. Now, 85% of the student body is receiving financial aid or scholarships. Institutions like Habib University receive a sizable portion of their income from religious donations like zakat. Muslims can assist the education of gifted individuals and contribute to Pakistan’s future by giving Zakat to Habib University.

By enabling the community to actively support education, the community-owned model of the University is changing philanthropy and higher education in Pakistan. The kindness of contributors, visitors, and volunteers is paving the road for a better future for Pakistan’s kids. The 3rd Annual Habib University Fundraising Gala served as a reminder of the value of investing in education and giving back to the community, both of which are essential for Pakistan’s future.

This Ramadan, give your Zakat to Habib University and show your unwavering support for higher education in Pakistan.

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