This month, the Islamabad Traffic Police issued almost 16,000 fines

This month, the Islamabad Traffic Police issued almost 16,000 fines.

The traffic division of the Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) has cited 8,778 motorists for failing to use a seat belt and 7,668 for texting while driving.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan has mandated a specific effort to stop similar offenses. A number of squads under the direction of the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanveer, are keeping an eye on the city’s main thoroughfares and implementing harsh penalties against offenders.

A campaign to ensure a controlled traffic system in the city is under progress, a police spokesperson informed the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP). He continued by saying that in order to preserve orderly traffic, the public is advised to follow the traffic laws.

According to him, police officers would issue fines to drivers politely and patiently, regardless of their status or rank, and will ensure the implementation of traffic laws.

The agency will take legal action against anyone who violates traffic laws, the official said. He stated that the police department doesn’t issue citations as a form of punishment but rather to maintain a safe driving environment in the city and to safeguard lives.

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