Today Gold price In pakistan

Today Gold price In pakistan

Gold price In pakistan 9 December

Islamabad: The price of gold in Pakistan increased by 1.4% to reach a new record high and cross the Rs166,000 per tola threshold.

According to information made public by the All Sindh Sarafa Jewellers Association, the price of a tola of gold rose by Rs2,250 to settle at Rs166,400. Similar to this, the cost per ten grammes increased by Rs 1,929 to reach Rs 142,661.

Today 9 december Gold Rate In pakistan

In the meantime, domestic silver prices held steady at an all-time high of Rs1,860 per tola and Rs1,594.65 per 10 kilos.

It is crucial to be aware that Pakistan’s gold prices are still modest when compared to those on the global market. In the international market, gold price showed an increase of $10 per ounce, settling at $1,784.

Pakistan imports the pricey metal in order to meet its demand. Therefore, changes in price are influenced by a variety of variables, such as domestic market supply and demand, the PKR/USD exchange rate, and prices on the global market.

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