Toyota discontinues manufacturing in Pakistan

Toyota discontinues manufacturing in Pakistan

The Indus Motor Corporation Limited (INDU), the assembler and seller of Toyota-brand automobiles in Pakistan, has once again chosen to halt production from March 24 to March 27 due to continuous shortages of raw materials and components as a result of import restrictions.

The inability of commercial banks to open Letters of Credit (LCs) for raw materials, according to Indus Motor, has complicated the company’s and its suppliers’ capacity to import raw materials and obtain authorization for their shipments.

The company’s supply chain has been interrupted, and its suppliers are unable to provide raw materials and components to the business. The company cannot continue its production activities as a result of having insufficient inventory levels to maintain production, according to the notice.

Since all days are inclusive, “the corporation has opted to entirely shut down its production plant from March 24 to March 27”

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