UAE announces a significant relaxation of visa requirements for foreign independent contractors

UAE announces a significant relaxation of visa requirements for foreign independent contractors

A significant announcement made by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) in the UAE will be very helpful to anyone seeking to secure a virtual work residency visa.

According to the ICP, applicants for the visa will no longer need to be physically present in the United Arab Emirates when submitting their applications.

With this new development, people who want to work remotely from the UAE will have more flexibility because they may submit their applications from wherever they are right now. The one-year virtual work residence visa can be extended in accordance with the terms and conditions of the visa.

Individuals can utilize the ICP website or the smart application to submit a visa application (UAEICP). However, the applicant must enter the UAE within 60 days of the visa’s approval in order to finish the requirements for their resident visa. The permit will expire if the applicant doesn’t enter the nation within this time frame.

A valid passport with a minimum remaining validity of six months, a recent photo, and a health insurance plan that covers their stay in the UAE are requirements for the virtual work residence visa.

The applicant’s registered email address will receive the admission permission.

A proof of employment with a one-year contract from the employer and a minimum monthly wage of $3,500 or its equivalent in another currency are also required from the application. A pay stub from the prior month and three months’ worth of bank statements are also required from the applicant.

Each participant in the virtual working program must pay AED 350. An applicant’s application will be rejected electronically if the conditions are not met 30 days after it is returned to the applicant owing to missing information or paperwork.

The application will be immediately rejected if it is returned three times for the same issue. In the event that the ICP rejects the request, the money and financial guarantees are refunded.

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