UAE re-shipments and temporarily halts rice exports

UAE re-shipments and temporarily halts rice exports

In order to maintain adequate supply on the local market, the Ministry of Economy issued a temporary restriction of the export and re-export of all rice varieties for a period of four months beginning on July 28, 2023.

The choice covers rice from India brought into the nation after July 20, 2023, and it was made in response to Ministerial Resolution No. (120) of 2023.

Husked rice (pink and brown rice), fully or partially milled rice, whether anointed and polished, and crushed rice are prohibited kinds under the Harmonized System code of the Common Customs Tariff (1006). All rice products, including those in free zones, are subject to these regulations.

Companies who want to export or re-export these rice types must apply for an export authorization with the Ministry of Economy and provide pertinent documentation that attest to the origin, transaction date, and any other criteria the Ministry may have.

Businesses who want to export or re-export rice varieties and goods that are not made in India must also submit an application to the Ministry of Economy. Similar to this, their applications must be backed up by the appropriate paperwork to confirm the provenance of the consignment intended for export.

The Ministry emphasized that once approved, the export licence will be good for 30 days. To simplify customs procedures for the exporting consignment, these licenses must be presented to the relevant customs department.

The Ministry made it clear that unless a decision to lift the restriction is made public, it may be automatically prolonged.The Gulf News

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