Waqar Zaka was identified as a runaway in a cryptocurrency fraud case.

Waqar Zaka was identified as a runaway in a cryptocurrency fraud case.

In Karachi. Because of his persistent absence in a cryptocurrency case, a Karachi court has proclaimed controversial TV show host and online phenomenon Waqar Zaka a fugitive.

The most recent development occurs a month after a judicial magistrate issued an arrest warrant for Waqar Zaka that was not subject to a bond hearing because of a case involving illegal financial activities.

According to information obtained, the Karachi Local Court Judicial Magistrate who was hearing the case instructed investigators to begin the legal procedure of his proclamation and property attachment.

The federal investigative agency’s investigating officer stated during the hearing that Zaka’s non-bailable warrants could not be executed because the host of the program’s whereabouts was still unclear.

After hearing the arguments, the court ruled the self-described IT entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency case to be in hiding, and the hearing was postponed until March 2.

It is important to note that Waqar Zaka continued to advocate for the country’s legalisation of virtual currencies. Investigators had previously charged him with millions in ill-gotten gains. He was charged by the FIA with spreading false information online about institutions and inciting people to rebel against the government.

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