When Bhutto’s jet was hijacked by PIA

It is 1977. As a result of the PNA movement, Zia has assumed control of the government. The PPP split into two sections in response to Bhutto’s execution. Benazir Bhutto, the daughter of Bhutto, chose to engage in political activism, whereas Murtaza and Shah Nawaz, the sons of Bhutto, travelled to Afghanistan and founded an armed organization. Al-Zulfiqar They also tried to murder General Zia several times. In 1981, Al-Zulfiqar kidnapped the PIA aircraft and carried it to Kabul. Al-Zulfiqar pressed Zia’s administration for the release of his 55 coworkers. The 13-day highjacking period was extended.

The son of Shah Nawaz Major Tariq was shot by Salam ullah tippu, who then dumped his body. Zia then complied with all requests made by High Jackers. Shah Nawaz Bhutto was later discovered dead in his French hotel room. And in Kabul, the shooter of Major Tariq was hung. Zia pledged to hold elections and hand over power to a democratic administration within 90 days, but history showed that his promises were broken after 11 years. Zia was a cunning and ruthless dictator; cunning because, after studying history, he never allowed his position as army leader to become vacant.

Yahya cruelly pushed him to leave because, even after Bhutto was put to death, all of his focus was on destroying the PPP. Workers for the People’s Party were publicly flogged. Nusrat Bhutto was baton charged when she arrived to meet with employees at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, resulting in a major head injury. However, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital medical staff were restrained from providing immediate care. Nusrat’s brain was seriously harmed by the lack of prompt medical attention, and she eventually lost her memories. In 1984, Benazir Bhutto was likewise transferred abroad after being released from prison. Zia also maintained the chains of journalism. In the past, military personnel would visit newspaper offices to assess the day’s news. If there was any bad news for Zia,

Then, it would frequently be removed. Readers of Daily Masawat realised that all news was against the Zia regime by the time Martial Law Officials decided to close Masawat and Sadaqat on 15 October 1979. Famous Urdu poet Habib Jalib, who was tortured while writing numerous poems critical of the Zia dictatorship Why refer to darkness as light? why refer to a man as God? why? While General Zia was busy destroying the PPP, his new political partners were forming on the opposing side.

In Punjab, Ch Zahoor Ilahi and Nawaz Sharif were his staunch allies. Zia is also accused of inciting racism in Sindh, and the MQM was established to undermine the PPP. Public hangings were also introduced during the Zia administration. A significant event occurred in Lahore. Ahmed Dawood’s lone child, Ejaz Pappu, was murdered after being violated. On General Zia’s directive, the Ejaz murders were hung outside Camp Jail Lahore. Although the crime rate did somewhat decline as a result of these harsh punishments,

The laws were changed, and many innocent individuals suffered as a result. Safia, a 13-year-old girl, was violated in Sahiwal. However, the judge penalised her for flogging because she did not provide 4 witnesses. Asma Jahangir battled the girl’s case and was successful in getting her released from custody after four months. Zia’s story is still part of Pakistan’s ongoing narrative. Next, we’ll discuss the SSG Commandos’ contribution to the raid on the Ka’bah and explain how and why Zia endangered India on his own territory.

When Pakistan assists in stopping the annexation of Khana Kaba

In November 1979, 500 armed men took control of the Khana Ka’ba in Saudi Arabia, which shocked the Islamic world at the time. Saudi armed forces made an unsuccessful attempt to retake the Kaaba. The saudi army sustained numerous casualties in this endeavour. The Saudi kingdom requested assistance from France and Pakistan. Pakistani SSG Commands were dispatched to guard the Kaaba Kaaba. The Ka’bah was freed from the invaders after a two-week battle, and Jehman, the attackers’ leader, was captured alive.

comprised of 60 mates Following this, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s defence cooperation rapidly expanded. The Pakistani Army, on the other hand, is regarded as the protector of sacred sites in the Islamic world, where Zia ul Haq was revered as a hero. Zia ul Haq is still hailed as a hero as a result of this incident, although the Indian occupation of Siachen seriously harmed his reputation. General Zia actually said, “There is not even grass on Siachen” when India captured the region. Zia was unable to retake Siachen, but he eventually prevented a Pak-India conflict by threatening India with nuclear war.

In 1987, India conducted the Brasstek military drills in Rajhistan. Zia learned through a covert source that India would strike Pakistan during these drills. Zia met Rajiv Gandhi when in India against invitation to attend a test match between Pakistan and India. He informed the Indian PM that Pakistan would use nuclear weapons if India attacked it. Rajiv Gandhi pulled the troops from Pakistan’s borders as a result of his effective warning. The Constitution is hated by General Zia, who once claimed that it is a twelve-page booklet that may be destroyed at any time. He continued to alter the constitution because of this.

so that he can maintain his hold on power The constitution was Islamized under his leadership, and prayer committees were established. Bank accounts were subject to zakat. Sharia law has been enforced, and qazi have been established in courts. Roait e Hilal Committee, the Sharia Court, and the Islamic Ideology Council were established. In his time, blasphemous crimes carried the death penalty. Zia also introduced Articles 62 and 61, which provide that every Member Assembly must be sincere and honest. These clauses state that

Later, a foreign minister and the prime minister were removed from office. In accordance with the 8th Amendment, General Zia introduced Section 58(2b). The president has the option to dissolve the assembly under this provision. In December 1984, General Zia conducted a nationwide referendum asking citizens if they preferred the Islamic system. Zia was then elected president for the following five years. Even youngsters were permitted to participate in this referendum. And as was to be predicted, Zia won this referendum with an overwhelming majority of 97.7%. It is said that General Zia was enforcing himself in the name of Islam. In other words, Zia has seized all of the authority granted to him by the constitution and held elections in 1985. There were no parties involved in these elections.

promoted racism as a result After the election, General Zia chose Mohammad Khan Junejo as Prime Minister rather than casting a vote in the Assembly. Most assembly members had never even heard of Junejo and frequently questioned who he was. Junejo was not as obedient to General Zia as he had anticipated. As a politician, Junejo believed he had a responsibility to the people. He began to have powers in his hands. He even ceased consulting General Zia on a number of issues in his final days. Without seeking Zia’s approval, he signed the Geneva Convention. Junejo received the same penalty for this.

what Skandar Mirza and PM under G. Muhammad had previously received Using the authority granted to him by Article 58, Zia disbanded Junejo’s administration when he grew weary of its actions (2b) Nawaz Sharif, who was then the Chief Minister of Punjab, was being patronised by General Zia. Nawaz Sharif was not fired when Junejo’s administration was overthrown; instead, he kept his position as CM. The economy of the nation was better during the Zia era, and Pakistanis were respected all over the world in large part because,

Pakistan was a Frontline State in the USSR Conflict. After several years of economic sanctions, US help resumed. European nations grew more Pakistan-friendly while simultaneously becoming anti-Russia. Pakistanis found employment abroad, which helped them improve their economic situation. However, Zia’s detractors assert that all economic growth is artificial and the consequence of American help. Although you have seen the political history of the Zia government, the real story of Zia is much different. What happened to prompt General Zia and the US to enter the Afghan conflict? a 43-minute commando raid that cost 12 million Afghans and destroyed a superpower And how did General Zia snuff out the USSR’s desire to access hot springs?

How Zia-ul-Haq dealt with the USA, USSR, and built the atomic bomb

Over the course of the Zia ul Haq regime, evidence of a Soviet Russian activity became evident. This covert mission was called Storm 333. General Zia-ul Haq was closely observing all the changes in Soviet Russia and Afghanistan. On December 27, 1979, Russian commandos assassinated Afghan President Hafez ullah Amin in his palace and imposed a preferred government on Afghanistan. The operation, which lasted only 33 minutes, laid the groundwork for the Afghan War. The war lasted ten years and used 1250000 people as fuel.

The goal, according to Zia, was to get access to the Arabian Sea’s warm waters. At the time, India and Russia were partners, and Zia considered that Afghanistan’s pro-India and pro-Russia government would be a constant threat to Pakistan. In order to destabilise the USSR, America chose to use Pakistan as a frontline state and began forming the Mujaheddin with the assistance of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the United States were offering financial support for this conflict.

Zia, America, and Saudi joined forces to destroy Afghanistan but at the time there were sanctions on Pakistan and Pakistan could not get weapons and technology. At the same time Pakistan and other Islamic countries were gathering Muslims in Afghanistan in the name of jihad. The Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, is now openly accepting this reality. President Jimmy Carter of the United States promised Pakistan $ 40 million in exchange for the conflict with Soviet Russia. Keep these peanuts for yourself, Zia said in response to this aid. Interestingly,

US President Jimmy Carter owns farms that produce peanuts. In 1981, this irony was prominently depicted in American media. The president of the United States, a peanut farmer, had passed away. Ronald Reagan took office. Given that he was the son of a salesman, President Reagan was more adept at closing deals. In an effort to make the USA the only Superpower, he had generously provided aid to Pakistan. USA pledged $3.2 billion in help to Pakistan. Economic restrictions ended. Pakistan was given permission to purchase the most advanced F-16 aircraft available. Pakistan’s F-16s gave them an advantage against India’s air force. Zia purchased 34 F-16s by taking advantage of the friendly USA.

Including Harpoon missiles for the Pakistani Navy The United States also started to disregard Pakistan’s nuclear programme at Zia-ul-request Haq’s and request that it do so. Pakistan conducted the first cold atomic tests and surreptitiously finished its nuclear programme during the Afghan War. means using tested nuclear weapons technology without bursting bombs. On multiple occasions, the US Congress attempted to outlaw Pakistan’s nuclear programme. However, Zia, with the assistance of his pals, including Congressman Charlie Wilson,

failed this project for ten years. United States and Saudi Arabia contributed $6 million to the Mujaheddin altogether. According to reports, Saudi Arabia accepted responsibility for spending one dollar supporting the Mujahedin for every US dollar. Since American restrictions were lifted, Pakistan was now receiving weaponry from other European nations. Pakistan also got contemporary anti-aircraft missiles from France, such as the Mistral and Crotale Afghan Mujaheddin were being trained by a Pakistani secret agency. On the other side, a madrasah network was expanding for the Mujaheddin’s ongoing supply To achieve this,

Publicity was given to a love of Islam and the idea of global jihad. At that time, Osama bin Laden came in Afghanistan. Despite this, it was difficult to overcome Russia since the Mujaheddin were unable to match Russia’s air force before America brought a weapon that was unbeatable. What was this weapon, and how did it contribute to the defeat of Russia? What kind of damage was caused in Pakistan by this weapon as well?Contact Us

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