Why Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan apologized to the Nation?

The hero and god of Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, was seated in front of the prompter in the PTV studio. He had to read a script on a scroll that was in front of him. But in the waning moments, he resisted reading it. How come they did that? What happened during the last private discussion between General Musharraf and Dr. AQ Khan? Why did Americans desire to bring Dr. Khan to America in the first place? What did they obtain from Iran and Libya?

How did this effort fall short? We’re showing you all of this in the History of Pakistan series of Ma Hoon Faisal Waraich and Dekho Suno Jaano because in August 2012, the location of Iran’s two nuclear installations, known as Uranium Enrichment Plants, was made public. The Iranian opposition in exile revealed this information. The two cities of Natanz and Arak were home to these covert plants. The Google Earth map also verified these locations. The IAEA, which oversees nuclear technology worldwide, has now begun to take action.

The UN Security Council as well as all major nations support the IAEA, making it a potent body. So, this body started pressing Iran to inspect these two sites. The IAEA finally received approval for the inspection in June 2003 after extensive negotiation. It was now up for debate as to whether Iran’s nuclear programme was actually being carried out for peaceful purposes or if an atomic bomb was being developed. We arrived at the location of the secret locations in Natanz after driving the jeeps over the desert for three hundred kilometres from Tehran.

The first nuclear power plant was inaugurated under a scorching sky. There were about 100 uranium enrichment centrifuges installed at this location, but 1,000 installations were planned and 1,000 casings were already prepared. An expert on the inspection team claimed that he recognised the Iranian centrifuges’ design as one that had been created by the Uranco Enrichment Company in the 1970s within the first ten seconds of seeing it. Additionally, Dr. Khan was employed at the same institution at the time. The same applied to this scientist back then.

It should be kept in mind that this was the same design that Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan purportedly brought from Holland. They questioned the Iranian experts about how they created such complex centrifuges because the design was classified and not generally available. The hosts responded by saying that Iran itself prepared these. And all freely accessible material, including that found on the internet and in books, was used to prepare them. In other words, they didn’t copy it from somewhere else; this is their original design. Iranian scientists claimed this. But they continued to say it,

But here, specialists were pitted against experts, which was ironic. It was quite challenging to conceal anything for a long time technically. As a result, there was no such facility for the fabrication of centrifuges when IAEA scientists performed a forensic examination of the remaining infrastructure there. The Iranian scientists were asked the same question once more: “Where is the facility that you used to construct this model located?” General Musharraf claims that the Iranians admitted to the IAEA for the first time that they did indeed receive the centrifuge technology from “outside sources” but did not name any nation or group.

Many questions were raised by the Iranians’ response. These reservations were shared with General Musharraf. But if the event involving the airliner from Dubai hadn’t been revealed, these suspicions might not have become as significant. It was the start of the 2033 winter. A facility in Malaysia secretly constructed several centrifuges that enrich uranium. They were transported to Dubai in containers, loaded onto the commercial ship “BBC China,” and then transported to Libya.

An entrepreneur from Sri Lanka named “BS Tahir” organised their preparation and transfer. Hasan Abbas’ book Pakistan’s Nuclear Bomb states that Dr. Qadeer Khan’s close friend BS Tahir. He had built tens of thousands of centrifuge parts and components at Skoomi Engineering, a business in Malaysia. Originally, the business produced machinery for the Middle Eastern oil industry, but it also quietly produced parts for centrifuges. The business employed a British Secret Service double agent.

The same agent stated in 2003 that container so-and-so on a ship sailing from Dubai to Libya carried centrifuge parts. This plane had already departed from the port of Dubai by the time information about it reached the British intelligence agency MI6 and the appropriate Joyt team of the American intelligence agency CIA. However, this small group began making attempts to halt the ship in its tracks by leveraging the British government’s clout. The ship’s owners gave the order to turn around as it was sailing in the Mediterranean Sea toward Libya after passing through the Suez Canal with Egypt. In the Italian port of Taranto, the BBC China was berthed.

On November 4, 2033, the search for the ship got under way. Only four of the 200 enormous containers with numbers on them could be checked by MI Six and the CIA team in the two hours that they had available. The wooden crates inside these containers were busted apart when they were opened, and they actually held a lot of centrifuge parts. It should be recalled that at the time, Libya was facing pressure from the international community. Libya was under pressure from the West and international organisations to scale back and halt its nuclear programme.

Libyan leader Col. Gaddafi, however, declined. However, after the BBC China cargo was stopped, Britain had the proof in its possession. By using this data as leverage, Britain was able to convince Libya to scale back its nuclear programme. Then, Colonel Gaddafi allowed inspection and cleanup at all of his facilities, including chemical plants. Later, Tony Blair, the British prime minister, and Colonel Gaddafi made the announcement at a joint press conference. Following the agreement, Libya allowed inspections of its building sites. A printed shopping bag was among the several gadgets that were discovered when these sealed containers were opened.

General Musharraf said that this shopping bag belonged to the same tailor in Islamabad who sewed Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan’s clothes. Additionally, there were nuclear weapon plans in this briefcase. International organisations also took custody of these goods. So, similar to Iran and Libya, some evidence from North Korea had also reached Pakistani intelligence services, and America had also provided General Musharraf with a wealth of material. The documents that CIA Director George Tenet presented to General Musharraf in New York were the most significant piece of intelligence that the Americans provided to Pakistan.

In his book, George Tenet claims that he either stole or legally acquired these materials from Iran and Libya. Similar to the CIA, the ISI also discovered two of Dr. Khan’s top-secret letters before 2004. Iranian scientists were the recipients of one of these letters, in which it was requested that only the names of individuals who had passed away should be recorded during the inspection. Therefore, the Americans were making a demand of General Musharraf notwithstanding all of these supposed proofs. Meeting this demand was now a bigger challenge than just finding a solution to the issue.

And the only thing that was demanded was that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan be turned up to the United States. It was quite challenging for General Pervez Musharraf to accomplish this. After the events of 9/11, the world’s media began to report on many accurate, fictitious, and exaggerated accounts along with images of Dr. Qadeer Khan. They were being linked to the Pakistani state even though they had nothing to do with it. Pakistan’s name was becoming infamous as a result. Therefore, action was now required.

So Lieutenant General Khalid Qadwai of the Strategic Plans Division received an assignment from General Musharraf. They had to put together a presentation. Journalist Eugene Levy of the British daily Guardian reports that General Qadwai told him about this presentation during an interview. He claims that prior to this presentation, a few media were also invited to the Prime Minister House. By this point, Dr. AQ Khan had reportedly completed a 12-page document in which he acknowledged giving nuclear technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea.

According to Eugene Levy, the supposed sale of nuclear technology from Nineteen Eighty-Nine was also displayed on the projector throughout the course of the following two and a half hours. Additionally, it was revealed that Tahir, a Sri Lankan businessman, and three other businessmen from Germany joined him in this venture. Some Indians allegedly participated in this purported network, according to General Musharraf’s book In the Line of Fire. It should be recalled that many scientists working at “KRL Kahota” were reviewing the questions and answers of the Pakistani intelligence agency a few days before to this conference.

They were kept apart from one another outside of their residences throughout this interrogation. After the presentation, the second stage began. In this subsequent stage, Dr. Khan and General Musharraf met face to face. In this meeting, no outsiders were present. The two relate completely different accounts, which is remarkable because it was the most significant meeting. General Musharraf claims that I asked Dr. Qadir, “Doctor, what did you do?” while presenting him with all the available evidence. According to General Musharraf, Dr. Qadir Khan

After seeing the proof, Dr. Sahib left the scene of the seizure and began sobbing. Actually, he fell on General Musharraf’s watch and began pleading for mercy and asking for an official apology. But according to General Musharraf’s writing, he requested Dr. Khan to make amends to the populace. What is striking is that Dr. Khan presents a quite different account of this meeting and similar gatherings. He claims that at this meeting, threats to kill me were made, and on top of that, the national interest was also at stake. For these two reasons, I chose to obey General Musharraf. So you’re looking at two different versions, each from them.

But after much debate and back and forth, a brief confessional statement was prepared. Dr. Qadeer Khan was forced to appear in front of the camera at the PTV studio on the afternoon of April 4, 2004. He was required to confess in English by Americans. The identical consensus text was displayed on the front prompter. In TV studios, a prompter is essentially a screen that shows the script in front of the camera. But the camera does not capture that script. As a result, the reader appears to the viewer to be reading aloud while oblivious.

As a result, the doctor was also required to read the English material on the same prompter. But as it turned out, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan abruptly refused to utilise the prompter. He set the papers with an agreed-upon writing in front of him. Dr. Shafiq, one of his close pals, said that he most likely did this so that his buddies would realise he was reciting someone else’s lines. Both Dr. Khan and General Musharraf’s later comments make it quite evident that they had zero trust in one another.

Even General Musharraf had instructed the PTV administration to broadcast Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s confession speech with a slight delay so that he wouldn’t deviate from the script and start speaking on his own. So, it was finished. As he started to read this succinct speech to the nation, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan acknowledged that he had been shown material that was largely accurate and true. He performed the script precisely as written, albeit he did add a few words. This contained the word “good faith” only. The original script did not include this word.

Dr. Qadeer Khan was put into arrest at his house after this speech, despite the fact that President General Musharraf had already agreed to grant him his constitutional right to a pardon from the trial under the terms of the “Agreement on Easement.” This brought to a conclusion a very lengthy tale. There had never been an allegation of a Pakistani-related network, despite the fact that Pakistan had never been mentioned in connection with any proliferation. But in Pakistan, more issues emerged. Some individuals speculated that Dr. Qadir Khan might be sent to America.

However, General Musharraf asserted in front of a throng of reporters that he stood between Dr. Qadeer and the outside world. Dr. Abdul Qadeer won’t permit anything to occur. He was making this statement because he and the US had made an undisclosed agreement to handle the problem. The fact that the US State Department and National Security Advisor Konda Lisa Rice declared that this case had, in some ways, come to a conclusion with the broadcast of Dr. Qadeer’s confessional video on TV serves as proof of this.

In his several interviews that followed, General Musharraf also addressed the world community, claiming that every government in the world had plagiarised nuclear technology from another. He said that it was the Germans who originally began the spread of nuclear technology, after which the US and Russia appropriated it. It is not appropriate to single out Pakistan or any other nation for blame. The turbulent situation came to an end, but Abdul Qadir Khan gave an interview after his confinement ended a few months later.

He admitted regretting one thing to Sohail Waraich in this interview. What exactly was that? And you listen. After Dr. AQ Khan’s confession video, the country’s Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali’s era of power also came to an end. Prime Minister Jamali’s resignation was accepted by President General Pervez Musharraf. According to PM Jamali, General Musharraf truly planned to hand over Dr. Qadeer to the United States, send troops to Iraq, and launch an offensive against Akbar Bugti in Balochistan.

I was compelled to retire because I refused to accept all of these things. However, General Musharraf claims that the reason he was requested to quit was because they were incompetent. Private TV channels in Pakistan started to open their eyes about this period as well. The volatility of the Kargil conflict conceals the tale behind this eye-opener. What was the purpose of it? And why was Akbar Bugti the target of an operation in Balochistan? You may see all of them in the upcoming History of Pakistan episode.

Friends, you witnessed Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan in a challenging circumstance in this story. However, they are the main force behind Pakistan acquiring nuclear weapons. To learn more about Pakistan’s nuclear blasts, click here. The history-making tale of the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate is told here, along with information on how the Ottoman Empire rose to become a global superpower.Contact Us

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