World’s first military aircraft fueled by edible oil succeeds in flight

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The Royal Air Force (RAF) has successfully completed flight testing of a huge military transport aircraft powered entirely by renewable fuel (spent cooking oil).

The RAF has conducted his 100% sustainable fuel flight with a military transport aircraft of this size, according to a UK government press release on Friday.

“You should be proud of this achievement. This is a milestone for the RAF and an exciting development for MOD [Mod of Defense],” said Baroness Goldie, the girlfriend of the British Defense Secretary. I’m here.

“Through RAF’s pioneering spirit, expertise and partnerships with UK industry, UK science and technology are at the forefront of strengthening operational resilience and developing future operational capabilities in a climate-changing world. .”

His RAF Voyager, a military version of the Airbus A330, recently flew over Oxfordshire using only sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).


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