Yasmin Rashid, a Lahore CCPO, is heard in a leaked audio clip discussing Imran Khan’s attempts to avoid arrest.

Yasmin Rashid, a Lahore CCPO, is heard in a leaked audio clip discussing Imran Khan's attempts to avoid arrest.

KARACHI – Following the publication of numerous leaked audio conversations, a further contentious audio recording with what appears to be PTI politician Yasmin Rashid and freshly appointed Lahore CCPO Ghulam Mehmood Dogar surfaced on social media on Saturday.

The brief audio recording between the two is making the rounds on social media and appears to show a conversation between Yasmin Rashid and CCPO Lahore over the latter’s reinstatement, which is still a worrying concern for PTI head Imran Khan, who is attempting to avoid imprisonment.

Following the Supreme Court’s orders to reinstate the top police official from Lahore as the CCPO after deferring his transfer order, the fresh audio clip purportedly featuring Yasmin Rashid and him surfaced.

The clip began with the voice of a woman, who is thought to be Yasmin Rashid, greeting the second voice, which is thought to represent CCPO Lahore.

Dr. Yasmin inquired about any positive developments about the court order as the audio clip went on, and Dogar responded negatively but sounding optimistically. The first voice informed Dogar that Imran Khan was worried about her reinstatement. Imran Khan then reassured the woman that he has officials at the top court to handle the situation.

Yasmin followed up by inquiring about the possibility of Imran Khan’s arrest and asking CCPO if they would be able to get through the night without incident. CCPO prayed to God for everyone as the clip came to a conclusion.

The most recent audio tape is related to a decision made in December 2022 by the Federal Service Tribunal panel to transfer the Lahore CCPO. Mr. Dogar appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, and recently, the high court postponed the transfer decision and reinstalled Mr. Dogar as the Lahore CCPO.

Since the former prime minister has been removed from office, he has been accused in numerous cases, and PTI was apparently doing everything in its might to prevent party chairman Imran Khan’s arrest.

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