You may now pay 1800 dirhams to dive in the world’s deepest pool in Dubai

You may now pay 1800 dirhams to dive in the world's deepest pool in Dubai

At Deep Dive Dubai, you may do your first dive in a secure environment, regardless of whether you want to check something off your bucket list or start the process of becoming a certified diver. With helpful, knowledgeable instructors by your side, you’ll dive in warm freshwater and discover a fascinating underwater world full of adventure and amazement.

No prior knowledge required. With scuba diving equipment, explore Deep Dive Dubai up to 12 meters/40 feet. Your adventure begins with a brief introduction to the equipment and a brief lesson on the fundamentals of scuba diving. After some practice in shallow water, you’ll be off to the world’s deepest pool to explore the underwater metropolis. The experience can be shared with your non-diving friends through our sizable viewing windows. Consider upgrading to our premium or platinum packages at checkout. What is contained?

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